LAN Explorer: Network Traffic Monitor Software

by packetpro on October 4, 2016

LanExplorer is a cost effective, software only, 32-bit Microsoft Windows Protocol analyser & network monitor with Internet traffic analysis. Native Win32 application program for Windows 95/98/NT4.0/2000, using existing Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Token Ring or WAN NIC.

LanExplorer is the complete solution for network monitoring and analysis. With numerous network monitoring tools like statistics, traffic tables and graphs, host tables (top talkers) and threshold alarms, users will have a tremendous amount of information to troubleshoot and manage their networks. 

Along with network monitoring, LanExplorer has detailed analysis through its ability to capture, modify, playback and decode network packets. This feature allows precise analysis of packets in HEX, ASCII and decode format of any packet captured from the network. (VoIP decode support is available as an add on option.) 

Finally, LanExplorer can remotely access other segments over a LAN or WAN when used with the Remote Traffic Agent. This not only gives users remote network statistics but also allows full packet capture and analysis from distant networks.

LanExplorer is better then ever with new features added and an improved user interface.

Basic Features

  • Protocol analyser & network monitor with Internet traffic analysis.

  • Native Win32 application program for Windows 95/98/NT4.0/2000.

  • Uses existing Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Token Ring or WAN NIC.

  • Intercepts packets in and out of the workstation or server.

  • Captures all packets from the network segment (promiscuous mode).

  • Decodes 802.3, 802.5, VLAN, Apple, Novell, Microsoft, TCP/IP protocols.

  • Displays accumulated and historical network statistics in graphical formats.

  • Shows historical statistics with threshold and alarm.

  • Tells who was connecting to what Internet site.

  • Discovers all local PC hosts in different network segments.

  • Shows host name instead of MAC/IP address in all application windows.

  • Queries DNS to translate remote IP address into Internet site name.

  • Supports Token Ring networks.

  • Distributed LanExplorer for remote monitoring; remote agent sold separately.


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